CityGate Chambers Limited

About Us

Our approach

When it comes to engagement with our clients, our focus is on service. We understand the value of doing what we say we will do - not over-promising, sticking to deadlines and contacting people when we say we will.

We are authorised to accept instructions direct from members of the public (which is known as 'public access' or 'direct access'), so you needn't go to a solicitor first, which can save time and money. 


We provide traditional advocacy and litigation services to individuals and organisations (including insurers) to help them resolve a dispute as efficiently as possible without losing sight of either their desired outcomes or the costs being incurred. This includes advocacy, drafting and advising (in person and by telephone), and work before court proceedings are issued.

As an alternative to court proceedings, which can often be slow and expensive, we often arrange mediation as a method of attempting to resolve our clients' disputes.

Advisory Services


Our services extend beyond those traditionally provided by barristers. We also advise insurers, solicitors, compensators and other organisations on their existing claims handling processes and procedures with a view to streamlining processes to save time and cost.

We also provide procurement services (like auditing and assistance with tenders) to help our clients ensure SLA compliance, and that they get best value during a procurement process.